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Welcome to Lefong Building Services Pte Ltd. We specialize in Waterproofing Works, Water Leakage and Seepage, Roofing Works, Concrete Works and General Works.

Waterproofing Works: PU grouting, Torch on membrane, Epoxy Coating,  Waterproofing to RC Roof, Metal Roof, Tile Roof, RC water-tank, Planter box, External wall and etc.

Water leakage and Seepage: Water leakage repair to ceiling, wall, window frame and etc, Structural Leakage, Architectural Leakage, Wall Leakage, Ceiling Leakage and Roofing Leakage.

Concrete Works: Epoxy Grouting (crack line repair) Spalled Concrete, Cement/Sand screed, Cementatious Pressure Grout and etc.

General works: Painting, roof maintenance, roof terrace and balcony  renovation.

New! Thermography Survey: Checks for Water Leakage/Water Seepage. Suitable for T.O.P home owners.


Why Is Waterproofing Important?

Waterproofing the home or office is becoming an essential part of general building maintenance, especially with the rise in freak weather occurrences across the globe. Below we discuss the benefits of waterproofing, and the possible effects when it has been left too late because of Small Leaks.

Even small leaks can cause problems. Home and business owners often don’t realize that roof leaks are not restricted to the roof, but spread throughout the building, and are capable of weakening walls, damaging electrical equipment, causing the onset of mildew, and even accumulating below the building when the leak is frequent or sustained over a long period of time. This can pose a number of potentially dangerous structural problems, and also can create a breeding ground for insects and other pests capable of carrying disease. Leave all these issue to us , being one of the best waterproofing specialist in Singapore, we ensure we will solve all these problem.

Waterproofing a home is a preventative measure that can actively contribute to cost savings in the long run. It effectively increases the sustainability of a structure, which can help upkeep costs down, and adds to the overall value of the building. Since it keeps pests at bay by eliminating potential breeding environments, it actively benefits the health of the building’s occupants, thereby eliminating unnecessary medical costs.

In addition to reduced maintenance costs, there is yet another important benefit: reduced consumption of maintenance resources means a reduced impact on natural resources, thereby making the structure more environmentally efficient. Being one of the best waterproofing contractor in Singapore, you can trust on our workmanship and our competitive price!  Contact Us now For Free Quote!!!

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Residential Services

Residential Services

Waterproofing • Water Leakage/Seepage • General works

Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Waterproofing • Water Leakage/Seepage • Concrete Works • General Works

NEW! Thermography Survey

NEW! Thermography Survey

Checking for Water Leakage and Water Seepage

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About Us

Who we are

LEFONG BUILDING SERVICES PTE LTD is a registered Singapore waterproofing contractor with Building and Construction Authority (BCA). We aim to be the most reputable and effective company in the waterproofing industries.

Our foremost objective is to provide our customers with good quality materials at a reasonable rate. Always trying our best to meet the expectation of our customers, we delivered our work in a timely manner. We ensure all our objective are met, to uphold the name Waterproofing Specialist.

Our Work Process

How we work

Step 1

Whatsapp images of affected area to tel: +65 8333 7667. We will assessed the situation based on the images before we arranged for a free on-site check.

Step 2

We will call you to arranged a date and time for a free on-site check. Our response time is within 2 hours.

Step 3

A quotation will be sent to you after we have talked to you about your requirement during the free on-site check.

Step 4

Once quotation is accepted, we will arrange date and time to start work on your housing problem.

Step 5

After Owner checked the work done, the job is considered completed.

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