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Roof Restoration

Having a roof over your head is crucial in a tropical country like Singapore. An old, dirty and leaking roof is a major headache, especially if the roof is already more than ten years old. When homeowners face this problem, the most common question they will ask is this – “Should we restore our roof or replace a new one?”

Depending on the extent of damage, roof restoration can prove to be a better solution. Let us show you why.

  1. Roof restoration is cost effective

Roof restoration requires lesser labour and materials, which leads to cost savings. A complete roof replacement can be expensive and time-consuming, leading to inconveniences for a period.

  1. Roof restoration extends the lifespan of your roof

The standard lifespan of a typical roof is ten years from the date of issuance of the Temporary of Permit (TOP). Roof restoration extends the lifespan of the roof by 3 to 5 years, helping you to defer the high cost of roof replacement.

  1. Roof restoration is environmental-friendly

Roofing waste goes to landfills annually. By restoring your roof, you are doing your part for the environment by reducing waste. At the same time, roof restoration can make your building more energy efficient by using materials that reflect UV, infrared and visible light of the sun.

  1. Roof restoration has tax benefits

If you are not aware, roof restoration is a maintenance expenditure. You pay less tax on maintenance as opposed to a capital expense, such as a roof replacement. To find out more about tax benefits, visit the website of the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).

How do you know if your roof needs restoration?

A simple visual inspection of your roof will tell you if it is in need of restoration. These are the few things that you should look out for when you inspect your roof:

  • Water ponding (use a $1 coin to test – if the pools of water covers the coin, you need to do restoration work)
  • Tears in the existing roof surface
  • Blistering in the current roof surface
  • Dampness
  • Sweating of the walls and gaps

You should also check the interior of the building for signs of

  • Water Stains
  • Mold growth
  • Unusual odours

All the issues mentioned above can quicken the deterioration of your roof cover and leads to leaks, mould growth and even roof failure during a torrential downpour.

It is wise to do regular checks on your roof and keep up with maintenance work to reduce high cost and major problems.


We are one of the best roofing contractors in Singapore. Our free consultation includes a thorough inspection of your roof to see if it will benefit from restoration. The review consists of the following:

  • Usage of professional equipment to locate moisture beneath the surface
  • A core analysis of the roof materials
  • An examination of the roof’s gradient

We provide a short report to our clients, detailing the roof’s condition and recommended a solution. We also include a cost-benefit analysis of roof restoration versus roof replacement.

We would usually recommend a roof restoration if the damage is minimal or limited to a small area. Roof replacement is only recommended if the damage is extensive.

If you have any of the above problems or want to have a professional inspection of your roof, call us at +65 8333 7667 or email us at