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Concrete Repair works

Cracks and divisions appearing on the flooring or walls is a common spectacle. It should not be much of a worry if one of these appears.  However when it does, it is best to fix it early so as to prevent bigger problems down the road

Waterproofing and Re-waterproofing works

Balcony, Basement, External Wall, Metal Roof, Pitch Roof, R.C. Roof, R.C Roof Terrace, Roof Garden, Roof Tiles, Swimming Pool Toilet, Water Feature, Water Tank, etc)

Cementitious Grouting

Cement grouting, also known as slurry grouting or high mobility grouting, is a grouting technique that fills pores in granular soil or voids in rock or soil, with flowable particulate grouts. Lefong’s experienced crew member ensure the process is applied uniformly to the surface so that maximum strength is achieved
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We can also provided the following services


Grouting is drilling on the surface as deep as required, then pour in concrete in liquid form to close gap in the building foundation. The surface is seal up after that. Additional support to prevent the building from collapsing for another 10 more years

Replacement of RC roof

RC roof includes flat roofs, slating, lead works and re-roofing. There are many advantages to install a RC roof, One advantage is that it reflect heat well, so your building don't get heat up so fast in Singapore hot weather

Roof Tile Coating

Roof tiles can be damaged by pollutants in the air caused by locations such as near the expressway or sudden event such as the haze. So it is more cheaper to apply a protective layer of coating than replacing them wholesale later on

Wall Leakages or Cracks

Wall cracks or leakages can appear anytime, anywhere. It is always good to fix them early, When they are not fixed, they will lead to more cracks, making the home ugly to look and eventually may decrease the value of the home

Ceiling Leakages

Besides fixing cracks found on the wall, Our teams can also help to fix any leakages or cracks that may happen on the ceiling

Non Slip Flooring

Singapore has an increasing elderly population and many homes need to be renovate with elderly-friendly amenities. Lefong will help to retrofit your home in the shortest possible time