Concrete Repair

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Concrete Repair Singapore

Concrete is the most versatile material used for the construction of infrastructure today and in the future. Its constituents are readily available and it is able to be moulded to any shape and configuration. Concrete is inherently strong in compression but relatively low in tensile strength. Consequently reinforcing steel is used in concrete structures to provide tensile strength and ductility.

Concrete is alkaline and it provides a non-corrosive environment for the reinforcing steel. Accordingly well designed, properly constructed reinforced concrete is highly durable in a variety of environments. However, these ideal conditions are not always met in practice.

The design life and integrity of many assets has been impaired by aggressive environments and service conditions which lead to corrosion of the reinforcing steel and/or deterioration of the hardened concrete binding properties.

We understand the mechanisms of concrete deterioration leading to provision of fit for purpose concrete repair solutions which address the root causes and not just the symptoms of distress. This approach leads to extension of the life of important assets.

We provide a full range of pure cement based products, cementitious, polymer-modified repair mortars and epoxy based repair materials for different concrete repair works and specific requirements.