Metal Roofing

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Metal Roofing Contractor Singapore

Our Metal Roofing is specially designed for Singaporean conditions and meets all Singaporean Standards.  LeFong’s roofing products are made and tested for all our climate. All roofing services have specialized in Metal for many years and have built up the knowledge and expertise to handle almost any kind of roofing situation.

Benefits Of Metal Roofing:

  • It is lighter than tile, putting less stress on the structure of your house.
  • Metal roofing can strengthen the roof structure of your house, as it doesn’t shift or move like a tile roof.
  • It has a high fire resistance.
  • It cools down faster than a tile roof, meaning your house cools down faster at the end of a hot day.
  • Metal roofing materials come with a 25 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Our products & services provided:-

  • Installation of new metal roof / Replacement of existing metal roof
  • Inspection and Repair of existing metal roof
  • Re-insulation of existing metal roof
  • Removal and disposal of asbestos roof / cladding
  • Painting of epoxy coatings on new / existing metal roof
  • Installation and replacement of polycarbonate / fiber-glass skylights
  • Installation of metal wall cladding and hoarding
  • Repair, installation and replacement of mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel gutters
  • Repair. installation and replacement of mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel and PVC rainwater downpipe
  • Construction of mobile shelter and canopy
  • Fabrication and Installation of ductworks exhause system
  • Elevation of existing roof altitude
  • Modification of jack roof (including installation and replacement of aluminium / COLORBOND louvers)
  • Installation of wind turbine ventilation fans
  • Fabrication and installation of cat ladder
  • Fabrication and installation of ductworks exhaust system and chimney
  • Installation of perimeter chain-linked / BRC / expanded-metal fencing and enclosure