Roof Tile Coating

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Roof Tile Coating

In the recent years the popularity of roof coating has been increasing in Singapore. Roof is one of the most important parts of your house and counts for about 40% of the exterior surface. Therefore, you do not want to use any coating service for the job; when the job is well done, coating is beneficial, however, a poor quality roof tile coating and sloppy application may turn out very costly.

A ten-step procedure for superior Roof Tile Coating:

  1. Replace (or repair) all broken / cornered tiles and capping
  2. Check, secure and coat all flashings, valleys and roof penetrations
  3. Source and rectify leaks as noted
  4. High pressure clean the roof to eliminate all oxidisation, moss and dirt
  5. Clean out all valleys, gutters and downpipes
  6. Re-bed and re-point as necessary then seal all ridge capping with flexible mortar
  7. Seal roof with appropriate sealer or metal roof primer (part one of our unique three coat system)
  8. Coat entire roof with two coats of your chosen colour (parts two and three of our unique three coat system)
  9. Clean up and remove waste
  10. For future repairs, six spare tiles and two litres of paint are available from PJ Coatings

A few things to consider

  1. What kind of roofing would you like?
  2. A professional roof coating should normally take two to three days – weather permitting
  3. As part of our quality assurance the preparation and coating is a two-part process and may be completed in separate procedures

A roof tile coating is an investment that not only improves the appearance of your home but also increases its value.