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Leak Types & Possible Causes


There can be numerous causes of leaks. Leaks can occur from the outset during and after construction. We can pinpoint the exact locations of water leaks in walls, roofs, showers, balconies, sub floors, concrete slabs, planter boxes, decks, water features, facade and plumbing.

Typical Home Owners

  • Water Leakage & Water Seepage
  • Roof Leakage
  • Ceiling Leakage

Landed Property Home Owners

  • Structural Leakage and Seepage
  • Architectural Leakage and Seepage

Water Leak Repair

Why do homes have water leakage and seepage problems?

Brand-new properties should not have water leakage or seepage problems if they are built right. However, as these properties aged, repair and maintenance become necessary. Homeowners need to take note of any water leakage or seepage issues in the house. When such problems are first noticed, call in an expert to take over so that there will be less disruption to your daily life.

What are the water leakage and seepage problems faced by homeowners?

 Typically, homeowners are faced with the following concerns in their homes:

What is the most common leakage problem in Singapore?

The primary leakage issues faced by Singapore homeowners are cracks in their internal and/or external walls. While some contractors may tell homeowners that evacuation is necessary, we at Le Fong, have a better solution for you – Polyurethane (PU) Crack Injection.

What is a polyurethane (PU) crack injection?

A PU Crack Injection is a kind of repair work and waterproofing technique that is applicable only to poured concrete structures. The method makes use of a pressurised injection of resin (a type of waterproofing material) into a foundation crack. The pressure of the injection ensures that the entire crack is filled. That efficiently eliminate the crack and prevent water from coming into the house through your ceiling or basement.

This is the best solution for a crack found in a poured concrete wall. It is also economical as a form of repair work for a leaking concrete wall in your house or basement.

PU injection involves concrete crack repair and basement waterproofing techniques which are only applicable to poured concrete structures. Crack injection, or PU Injection, is used in the following applications:

  • To repair water seepage from  concrete cracks of virtually any size in poured concrete walls or ceilings;
  • To permanently seal actively leaking  cracks;
  • To repair basement cracks that have been previously repaired by injection or some other basement waterproofing technique; and
  • The repair of cracked poured concrete structures in general.

How does crack injection work to fix water leakages?

PU injection involves the pressurized injection of either epoxy or polyurethane resin into a foundation crack; these injections are referred to as epoxy crack injection and polyurethane crack injection. The injection pressures ensure that cracks are filled through the entire thickness of a ceiling wall which is typically 200-300cm thick, thereby effectively eliminating the crack and keeping water on the exterior of the foundation where it belongs so that you no longer have water in your basement. This type of concrete crack repair is all that is needed to accomplish basement waterproofing when a poured concrete crack is leaking, or if there is a concern that an existing crack may leak in the future. Pressurized crack injection is also the most economical means by which to repair a wet, leaky poured concrete basement; in reality, it is rarely necessary to excavate a poured concrete foundation wall.

Excavating and waterproofing a foundation is expensive and destructive. Crack injection is an effective and inexpensive way to put an end to foundation leaks and that wet basement.


We are well known among homeowners, waterproofing contractors, renovation contractors, and property managers in the Singapore, and surrounding areas, as the “Concrete Crack Injection Specialists” because we are the indisputable leaders in the domain of pressurized injection services for concrete foundation crack repair / foundation crack injection in both residential and commercial applications.

As the indisputable leaders in the domain of pressure injection services for concrete crack repair and crack injection in residential, commercial and industrial properties, we are the experts for any of your water leakage or seepage problems due to cracks on your internal and/or external walls.

Our experienced specialists are the leaders in the industry because of four key reasons.

  • We use the latest technologies and techniques;
  • We use highly customized equipment;
  • We use a variety of epoxies and polyurethanes that are the most appropriate for a given application; and
  • Our technicians undergo rigorous training before they can qualify to become journeymen and injection technicians.

Latest Technology and Techniques

We use only the latest technology and techniques

Highly-customised Equipment

We use highly-customised equipment that is not found in the market

Appropriate Materials

We have a variety of materials available to us and use only the most appropriate one for each job. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” mentality.

Qualified Technicians

We rigorously trained our new technicians before they are qualified to work alongside our experienced experts in the PU Crack Injection team.

It’s a fact, some of our competitors call us to do their foundation crack repairs and basement waterproofing in situations that they just can’t seem to resolve. With many of successful injections behind us, we have proven that we are able to handle the concrete foundation crack in your wet basement or any other cracked concrete underground structure.

We are the rescue team for water leakage and seepage issues. Even some of our competitors come to us when they are not able to solve the problem on their own.

Le Fong has proven our expertise in handling any cracks in the concrete foundation of your ceiling, basement or any other underground structure with all the success of our PU Crack Injections behind us.

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