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Anti Slip Solution


Floor Grip Treatment

Floor Tiles Wet Area


  • Prevents slip and falls
  • Increase floor grip
  • No extra layer
  • Fast working solution
  • High performance
  • Safe to use


Floor Grip Treatment is an intelligent solution to increase grip on floor surfaces without altering the surface look, texture and shine. This high performance floor grip treatment uses the etching technique to increase grip and reduce slip. It is also human friendly and not hazardous. This fast working solution is the answer for your flooring needs to stop slip and falls which may result in fatal consequences.


Surface Application:

  • Ensure treated areas are clear of debris and oil.
  • Brush apply / spray onto substrate. Spread evenly.
  • leave to cure for approximately 5 minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly and scrub off to remove excess.


Safety & Storage:

Avoid eye contact. Store in cool and dry place.



10 sqm / litre



1L | 4L