Blast Mitigation

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Blast Mitigation


  • Blast Test
  • Peak Applied Pressure 20.00 kPa
  • Positive Impulse Phase 900.00


The blast test was concluded without any deformation to the carbon fibrewrap on the front and back of the brick wall.

Brick wall (1,800mm X 2,400mm) reinforced with 4 layers of carbon fibrewrap and 5000mm overlay at both top and bottom was subjected to 2000 kPa blast load. This was done with 20 kg of TNT charge equivalent at a standoff distance of 4.5 m between the wall and charge.

 Control Brick Wall


 Wall with Blast Mitigation


 Wall with Blast Mitigation




Fast curing resin system achieves full strength within 3 hours under suitable conditions.

  1. Reduction of manpower and time up to 40%
  2. Factory controlled quality, unlike conventional skill-dependent methods.
  3. Ease of application and does not require on-site equipment





  1. Reinforcement of old structures such as conservation houses, bungalows factories, marine structures
  2. Blast Protection of critical in structures such as military installation government buildings