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Difficult or dangerous locations are much easier to reach with a drone, allowing critical information to be obtained without the risk to human life and property. Our drone asset inspections remove the risk by removing the need for employees or contractors to enter dangerous situations, including working at heights, working on or adjacent to water bodies, or working in hazardous environments such as fires, chemicals or plant and machinery.

To prevent faults, service interruptions and significant accidents and damage, assets must be regularly inspected to detect any issues as early as possible. This is increasingly vital as infrastructure ages. Technical installations and structures that are subject to strict inspection and safety regulations, such as dams and bridges, require regular inspections. A major benefit of drone asset inspections is the temporal resolution that can be achieved. The fast set-up of drones allows images to be captured daily or even multiple times a day. Using our drone, we can identify and locate anomalies such as:


  • Cracking
  • Shifting
  • Chipping
  • Surface degradation
  • Weed encroachment

Benefits of Drone Inspection


Using drones for asset inspections provides a number of benefits when compared to traditional methods. Just some of these include:

  • Improved safety by transforming a high-risk activity to a low risk activity.
  • Less labour intensive process.
  • Higher-quality data can be analysed quicker and therefore responded to faster.
  • No disruption to operations.

We can inspect a range of structures with our high quality equipment. These include bridges, dams, spillways, wind turbines, water towers, pipelines and decommissioned infrastructure. We can also inspect utilities such as power distribution networks including lines, poles and solar arrays.

We work with both raw HD photography and video. Our professional drone asset inspection service also includes marked up photography identifying specific issues, as well as written reports with narrative and specifications.

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