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Injection Tube


Injection Tube System is essential for the construction of water tight structures. The joints should be arranged in such a way that crack formation Is virtually eliminated.

It is important for the contractor that joints are a simple but safe design. In practice however, these factors remain ignored to a large extent.

Conventional joint constructions can be extremely costly, unsuitable for the intended purpose and consequently often cause leakage. Cracks in the form of nominal cracking points are not methodically planned.; crack formation is left to chance.

When damage occurs, leakage is restrained by injection at specific points. The cost of this operation Is difficult to calculate and is usually considerably underestimated. This knowledge has resulted In the development of a system, which as a joint packing for scheduled injection through a special hose system, covers the entire area of the joint without concrete drilling.

Injection Tube has been designed specifically for the multiple injection of suitable grouts Into construction joints and other areas that may require injection at a later date.

Injection Tube is constructed from a specially formulated plastic with special slots, which prevent the infiltration of concrete water and laitance during casting but open when internal pressure is applied. Its flexible nature allows it to follow contours and should be placed in lengths of 10 metres (up to 30 metres if required).



  • Economical to work due to simple manufactured parts and assembly accessories
  • Simple Installation
  • Can be injected with all currently available grouting materials (PUR resin, EP resin, Acrylic resin, micro-fine cement)
  • Repeated injection is possible
  • Can withstand up to a 12 metre head of concrete


Application Guidelines

Injection Tube can be placed between the reinforcement bars or along the interface joints of concrete slabs. It is held in place using specially designed clips to ensure it remains in place even during concrete pouring.

The concrete hese to whirh the tuhing is fixed should he smooth and flat to ensure the tube lays flat without any kinks that would interfere with the performance of the tube.

The tubing is then placed on the flat surface and fixed onto the concrete with clips at approximately 200 to 300 mm centres throughout the required length.

At either end of the hose, there is an inlet and outlet hose with a length of 200 to 500 mm lengths. These are colour coded blue and clear, which helps to identify where one length starts and the other end finishes. There are two alternative ways of forming the injection points, the standard way is for these lengths to be placed through the formwork to provide easy access when the injection work is required.


The alternative is to use the shutter connector system.

Note: It is important that the Tam Injection Tube RI is placed flat to ensure correct installation and must not be placed against reinforcement. It should not cross ridges, or cross itself or other lengths of hose and must not bridge gaps.

When placing the tube, ensure that it is placed consistently using the colour coding. This will make it easier when injecting the resin, especially when the injection will be carried out at a much later date. When injecting, follow the flow of the resin to ensure thorough penetration is achieved.

It is recommended that a water test is conducted prior to injection. A water test can be performed by injecting water into the tube, to check that the tube is clear from restriction and has been installed correctly. Any large areas of leakage can also be plugged prior to injection.


Approximately 11 mm round and 4 mm injection bore.

Resin Requirement:

Each metre of Injection Tube requires approximately 200 ml of grout for each injection.


Injection Tube should be stored at room temperature (min 10°C and max 38°C), kept dry and our of direct sunlight.


Injection Tube should only be used as directed. Our recommendations for protective equipment should be strictly adhered to for your personal protection.

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