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Concrete Pavement Repairs


By aiming to deliver a complete pavement repair service our experienced contractors ensure that our customer’s every need and requirement is met. By examining cracked and worn pavement, our attentive team can accurately repair damaged concrete pavement swiftly, interrupting your regular schedule or operations as minimally as possible.


Repair Concrete Driveway


At Le Fong, we do just about everything, from pavement repairs to driveways to excavation works, car parks, driveways, footpaths and even artistic design methods such as patterned paving, coloured and plain concrete, stencilled concrete and tactile installation. We are always open to suggestions when it comes to our services, as we like to capture the mind’s eye of our customers when it comes to what they want out of a project or service.

Short and long-term contracts are also available. You can be rest assured that our work will be completed incident free every time. We support work overflow on arterial road developments, freeway upgrades, new estate developments and other major civil contractors work. We also hold minor subcontractor agreements with large concrete companies, and are dedicated to helping out when it comes to project work overflow as much and as best as we can.

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