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Rope access is a safe and efficient method to access remote locations for inspection and testing.

The advantage of rope access is the speed with which technicians can access and egress difficult locations, with minimal impact on operations, offering an alternative to traditional means of scaffolding, elevated work platforms (EWPs) and cranes.

Le Fong combines rope access solutions with our marketing leading inspection capability, meaning that Le Fong can deliver most services using rope access technology, including:

  • Building Inspection, Maintenance and Repairs
  • Facade Repair Works and Waterproofing
  • High Rise Window Cleaning
  • High Rise Painting
  • Signage

Building Inspection, Maintenance and Repairs

Inspections and testing are essential in ensuring a structures safety and reliability, particularly in the civil and mining sectors. Using rope access will reduce the shutdown period, resulting in a cost effective alternative to other access methods.

Facade Repair Works and Waterproofing

Most facade and waterproofing problems stem from poor and inadequate design and at times inappropriate systems being used for particular situation. We specialise in the rectification of water ingress and concrete spalling problems to many areas including: facades, roof tops, podium decks,and balconies.

We can also use thermography to pinpoint water ingress and concrete spalling.

High Rise Window Cleaning

We offer high rise window cleaning and general building cleaning solutions using industrial rope access (known to many as abseil cleaning), elevating work platforms and reach and wash techniques. Our window cleaning contracts range from some of the highest office blocks in the country through to residential towers, penthouses and atriums for some of the biggest landlords in Singapore.

Rope Access

Le Fong internationally certified rope access (abseil) technicians are able to tackle all building sizes and shapes from high rise buildings to smaller commercial offices making sure your view stays clean and clear, while reducing strain on your heating/cooling system.

Elevating Work Platform

Elevating work platforms allow our window cleaners to reach high windows where a rope access system isn’t available, getting them up close to achieve a quality window clean.

Reach and Wash

Using advanced water filtration units combined with long reach extension poles, our operators can clean windows where machinery can’t reach and rope access isn’t feasible.

High Rise Painting

We have extensive experience in painting of high rise buildings and difficult access areas. High rise painting can be performed using abseiling (rope access) techniques and provides an extremely cost effective solution reducing the need for scaffolding or swinging stages. High rise painting can be performed on any type of building or structure.

High or difficult to access, Le Fong have a solution and will be able to provide the right painting services for you. We will meet with you to assess your requirements and will work within your allocated time restraints or deadliness


We provide design consultation, fabrication and construction of corporate sky signs. Installation methods include advanced rigging using cranes, winches and rope access.

We understand how important branding is and have designed ‘Smart signs’ to notify the owner of a fault and pin point its location, making maintenance cost effective. We are also able to program the sign to switch off to protect your brand until the fault is rectified.

The benefits of rope access services include:

  • Equipment requirements are removed (e.g. EWP, scaffolding)
  • Labour requirements are reduced
  • Quick response time and faster access decreasing operational downtime
  • Potential damage to structures is minimised
  • Reduced reliance on costly shutdowns – by combining rope access with inspection methods to support in-service inspection

Rope Access Works

Rope Access Works

Rope Access Works

Rope Access Works

Rope Access Inspection

Rope access is a form of work positioning, initially developed from techniques used in climbing and caving, which applies practical rope work to allow workers to access difficult-to-reach locations without the use of scaffolding, cradles or mobile elevated work platforms.

We are certified and bound by rigorous adherence to safety characteristics developed and controlled by IRATA International.

All types of inspection can be performed using rope access, providing huge time and cost savings to customers. Rope access has been in the inspection sector probably for longer than it has been in any other. This is probably because no machine or cradle can navigate a tubular steel construction better than a rope access technician.

Through rope access we are able to offer our clients a thorough means of inspection due to the ability to closely access and inspect all areas of a structure.

We are also able to supply our clients with feedback via digital video and digital still media, as well as in report form.

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