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A high performance thermal insulating heat barrier paint. It is made from the best nano compounds for heat insulation formulated into an elastomeric emulsion white paint. Tapping on the prowess of nanotechnology, its particles include nano and micro thermal insulating properties that blocks heat transfer, reflects radiation and even shields against mositure. It contains carefully functionalized titania nano particles that reflects more than 90% of radiation to keep buildings and rooms cool even under extreme heat conditions. Due to its intelligent design, you can coat it on exterior and interior and it will work wonderfully. It also has brilliant gap birdhing and will- not flake under extreme temperature changes. With its water resistance, it works well as a roof water- proofing layer whilst also offering heat insulation. It is the high performance thermal insulation all buildings require to save energy and conserve building health. Heat difference of up to 20 deg. celsius.

  • Brilliant Heat Insulation / Thermal Insulation
  • Reflects > 90% Incoming Radiation
  • Crack Bridging (Mirco and Minors)
  • UV Resistance
  • Energy Conservation
  • Low VOC, Water-Based
  • Easy Application
  • Odor less
  • Nanotechnology Grounded
  • Extremely High Performance

Physical Properties

Appearance : White, Thick, Creamy
Density : 1.00 g/cm3
pH : 8.8
Reflectance : 91%, IR 94% (700nm-2200nm)
Thermal Cond. : 0.1 W/mK
Emittance : 0.91
Thermal Perf. : 2cm EPS
Scrub Resistance : Class 1
Max VOC : 11 g/L

Application Notes

NHB can be applied directly onto wall surfaces and painted surfaces. Ensure is clean of debris, dirt and oil before application. Stir well before application. DO not dilute. For cracks > 1mm, fill with putty before application of NHB. Apply 2-3 coats using a good quality brush with a tip of diameter 1.4mm or more. Do not over brush. Ensure corners and edges are adequately covered. Additional coats to be applied 4-6 hours after previous application. Depending on extent of heat, apply up to 2 coats. Standard room walls (interior) require only 1-2 coats (vertical). Apply thin first to allow NHB to bond and stay on before subsequent applications.


– Roofs / Flat Roofs (Concrete)
– Metal Roofs
– Exterior Walls
– Interior Walls


Drying Time / Cure Time

4-6 hours between coats
24 hours for optimal performance


Store in cool dry places goodo ventilation.
Away from heat and sunlight.
Store in upright position always.
18 months life span.


Out of reach from children.
Avoid skin and eyes.
Wash off with soap if contact.
Do not use thinners.
Seek medical advice if eye contact or ingested.

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