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Wall Crack Repair


We provide the perfect solution for house and commercial building wall crack repair. Major repairs with structures returned to equal or greater than previous strength.

Save thousands on rebuilding costs simply by repairing existing, instantly improve the resale value of your home. Immediate Long Term Fix to Substantial Structural Cracks, Internal & External Walls, Minimal Mess & Fuss.


Textile Reinforced Mortar System



  • Easy handling
  • Excellent workability
  • Mortar suitable for hand and spray application
  • Good adhesion to brick, weak concrete or stone
  • Strengthening of irregularly shaped structures


  • MonoTop – 1K mortar (fibre reinforced)
  • Wrap – Coated glass fibre grid


  • To improve connection between masonry panels and concrete frames
  • To improve seismic deformation capacity of masonry walls in earthquake zones


1. Preparation

Easy handling and cutting.

  • Soft grid
  • Conventional cutter – no extra tools required

2. Mixing

3. Pre-Wetting

  • 1st Mortar larer
  • 2nd Mortar layer

4. Finishing

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