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Waterproofing Balcony

Balcony Leaks Are Damaging to Your Home

Balcony leaks can be damaging to your home and lead to long term structural problems, costing you lots of money if left unattended.

Have you noticed:

  • Cracking in surfaces or grout lines
  • Calcification in grout lines
  • Lifting of tiles and surfaces
  • Water damage to paint or plaster

Le Fong takes the guesswork out of detection

Our balcony service could save you time and money. With advanced Electronic Water Detection and Thermal Imaging our trained consultants will quickly and accurately diagnose your problem areas.

Balcony Repair Services: save time, money & reduce hassle

Ideal for those on a budget, with minimal damage to their balcony or customer who simply want a balcony facelift.

This package includes a complete de-grout of the entire balcony. Our liquid repair membrane is then injected underneath the balcony’s tiles to help repair the damaged membrane prior to grouting. Then the porous and deteriorated grout is replaced with our exclusive grout.

Waterproofing Balconies

Waterproofing Balconies Singapore

Waterproofing Balcony

Waterproofing Balcony Singapore

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