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Waterproofing Bathrooms & Showers

Stop your leaking shower – without removing tiles

Le Fong is a specialist in the non-destructive repair of leaking showers.

Our ISO accredited sealing system is applied both over and underneath leaking tiles – targeting the underlying waterproof membrane to produce a full seal. This process is performed without removing or damaging your bathroom tiles or shower fittings.

All of our sealants are resistant to mould and wear and are available in a variety of colours to suit your bathroom decor. Our standard service is more cost-effective than a ’tiles removed’ solution.

We stand by the quality of our repairs and product warranty.

Our Standard Service

  1. Leak Check
    Using a non-invasive electronic leak detector and thermal imaging camera, our consultant will accurately diagnose leaky tiles or pipes.
  2. De-grout
    De-grout (to a required depth) of the shower perimeter, floor waste, wall- to-wall junctions and hob joints.
  3. Repair the membrane
    Our liquid membrane is injected underneath the floor tiles to repair the waterproof membrane.
  4. Re-grout floor and joints
    The grout is then replaced with our exclusive epoxies. A sealant is also applied to the shower floor.
  5. Reseal shower walls
    A penetrative sealant is then applied to the wall grout of the shower cubicle. The service is complete at this point – having taken only 3-4 hours. The shower is ready to use the next day.

Complete Retile Service

In some circumstances – whether due to customer preference or the extent of the damage – the ‘no tiles removed’ service may not be the most appropriate solution.

In these cases, we can offer a complete and fully licenced shower waterproofing and tiling service.

Service all tiled areas of your home: shower, bathroom, kitchen, or balcony.

Your tiled area as-new.

Tile Over Tile Service

Need to re-tile on a budget? We offer a fast, convenient, no demolition tile-over-tile service.

If necessary, a repair of the waterproof membrane can be carried out before the new layer of shower tiles is laid.

Enjoy the benefits of a re-tile renovation – for less!

Leaking Showers 100% Sealed in under 4 hours

1. Get A Free Shower Health Check

We carry out an advanced leak detection test to locate the source of the problem. Your free report enables you to make informed choices, and compare repairers. If you need a plumber we’ll tell you.

2. Get A Free Quote (with options)

Your on the spot quote will always include options where relevant so you’ll never pay for repairs you don’t need or can’t afford.

3. Get Everything Explained To You

Expect honest, clear, explanations of every problem we assess so you know exactly what’s wrong, how it will be fixed and why it will be fixed that way.

4. Get An Appointment Time That Suits You

We’re really flexible. We can come to your place outside of business hours and we won’t charge extra for it!

5. Get Excited!

Your shower is about to be back to its best and ready to use the day after work has been performed. All without removing any tiles! No unhealthy smells and mess left behind when the work is completed.

Free Shower Health Check Includes:

Plumbing Pressure Test

A leak, recurring mould growth, failing seals or damaged grout could mean a plumbing or shower recess waterproofing problem. A pressure gauge device clearly indicates if water pressure to the shower is satisfactory. Low pressure readings are a strong indication that a plumbing problem exists.

Moisture Detection With Cutting Edge Equipment

Thermal imaging technology and moisture measuring devices allow us to accurately measure build-up of water behind tiles, in shower walls and floors etc. Moisture Meter gauge and infrared camera devices are used to detect leaks and clarify the severity of the problem.

Inspect All Grout Joints Manually

Cracked, damaged or missing grout indicates an underlying problem. This is common in old showers or where long-term water penetration has caused damage. The grout’s condition, quality and depth, are inspected and the technician can restore it to a fully waterproofed condition if required.

Assess Structure & Adhesion Of All Tiles

Dislodged, loose or cracked tiles are a strong indication of water build-up behind the walls and floor. Loose tiles can be a sign of aged or failing adhesive. Leak detection devices and the technician’s experience are used to determine the cause. Several stages of deterioration will inevitably follow if the problem isn’t fixed.

Flood-Test Recess

Filling the shower recess with water and monitoring penetration points assists technicians with identifying any additional leak points, that may not have been highlighted in the previous 4 steps of the Leak Detection process. Water penetrating during a flood test often highlights unknown, or potential future problems outside the shower, such as water damage to the bathroom floor, adjacent rooms, carpets etc.

Waterproofing Bathrooms

Waterproofing Bathroom

Waterproofing Bathrooms Singapore

Waterproofing Bathroom Singapore

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