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Rooftop Waterproofing


Water proofing is an important component in the building and construction of your home. Good waterproofing can prevent water leakage and seepage in the long run. Below are some of the techniques we used for waterproofing.

Protect your home from any water leakage and water seepage problems. Our residential services include providing waterproofing and general works for Condo and Landed Property. We are experienced in rooftop waterproofing, balconies, floor, wall, RC water tanks etc. For general works, painting/re-painting works is also available.


Waterproofing to Balcony, RC Roof, Metal Roof, Tile Roof, External wall, RC water-tank, Planter box etc.

Water Leakage/Seepage

Fix water leakage/seepage in balcony, roof, external walls, RC water tank and etc.

General Works

Painting works available.

Torch On Membrane

Liquid Applied Membrane


General Works

We provide painting/repainting services as a value-added service to our waterproofing business. We have been doing painting works for commercial projects and expands our reach to residential projects.


Painting/repainting works to refurbish your home. Depending on size of dwelling, please call to enquire about the price.

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