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Rooftop Waterproofing


Water proofing is an important component in the building and construction of your home. Good waterproofing can prevent water leakage and seepage in the long run. Below are some of the techniques we used for waterproofing.

Protect your home from any water leakage and water seepage problems. Our residential services include providing waterproofing and general works for Condo and Landed Property. We are experienced in rooftop waterproofing, balconies, floor, wall, RC water tanks etc. For general works, painting/re-painting works is also available.


Waterproofing to Balcony, RC Roof, Metal Roof, Tile Roof, External wall, RC water-tank, Planter box etc.

Water Leakage/Seepage

Fix water leakage/seepage in balcony, roof, external walls, rc water tank and etc.

General Works

Painting works available.

Torch On Membrane

Torch On Membrane is a high performance APP Modified bituminous Torch applied waterproofing membrane; it is reinforced with spun bonded fibre rot proof polyester. A torched on waterproofing membrane, is based on a distilled bitumen compound modified with APP plastomeric polymers.

The underside of Torch On Membrane is finished with a light polyethylene foil. This increases flame-torching efficiency, reduces gas consumption and also protects the rolls during transport, handling and storage.

It is composed of bitumen that is modified by APP, an atactic polypropylene polymer. The mixing has ensures that a true matrix inversion taken place, where the APP forms a continuous skeleton network with the bitumen filling up the void. This result in much better cold flexes temperatures and aging resistance.


  • Polyester Reinforced – strengthen and prevents membrane wrinkling during application
  • High-Temperature Resistance
  • Withstands high and low temperatures and temperature fluctuations
  • Durable and as Cost savings
  • Provides an economical and cost effective waterproofing way


  • Resistant to algae, dirty mold, detoriation and tearing. Excellent weather resistant because of highelongation and tensile strength.
  • Reinforced with polyester with stabilized glass fibres
  • Highly flexible to withstand thermal and other movement within the substrate
  • Low Flammability
  • Available with a coloured slate coated top surface or plain finish
  • Lower surface coated with a heat dispersible film
  • Good resistance to thermal ageing and dimensional heat stability
  • Reinforced with tough polyester stabilized glass fibres

Excellent dimensional stability with minimum shrinkage

  • Highly UV-resistant
  • Static puncture resistance
  • APP modified bitumen coating
  • Not easily damaged from foot traffic during application

Liquid Applied Membrane


Liquid Applied Membrane is a decorative, water-based liquid applied acrylic waterproof membrane of heavy-bodied acrylic polymer gel. It is reinforced with fiberglass mat during application for maximum strength and durability. Used to waterproof as well as decorate old and new roofs. It gives a seamless and mildly textured finish. It can be applied over virtually all fully supported substrates. Traffigard provides the most economic means for repairing and restoring leaky and damaged roofs.

Cold-applied solvent based bitumen modified polyurethane coating for waterproofing, damp-proofing of cold-applied solvent based bitumen modified polyurethane coating for waterproofing, damp-proofing of concrete structure, masonry or block and as an abrasion protection coating for other surfaces. It is moisture cured to form a tough elastomeric membrane suitable for horizontal & vertical application


Waterproofing and damp-proofing of concrete surfaces, such as :

  • Basement wall and floors slabs
  • Plaster boxes, patios and balconies
  • Tunnels and foundations walls
  • Inspection pits, bathrooms and carparks


  • Single Component
  • Good flexibility elongation and crack bridging capability
  • Excellent adhesion to substrate
  • Resist aggressive soil conditions
  • Forms on impervious and permanent membrane High performance, high solids content
  • Tar-free
  • Cold applied directly by brush, roller, squeegee or trowel
  • On-moisture-cured
  • Tough, seamless elastomeric waterproofing membrane
  • Protects against aggressive soils and contaminated ground water
  • Strong adhesion to both horizontal and vertical surfaces

Cementitious Brush Applied Coating  








Formdex is a two component cementitious waterproofing system membrane that offers an effective and permanent waterproofing solution to concrete structures. It is 100% proprietary synthetic resin dispersion and a blend of selected cement mixed with fillers compatible with all masonry structures.


  • Flexible cementitious coating
  • Adheres to most surfaces
  • Covers hairline cracks of not more than 2.0mm
  • Excellent resistance to wear, weather, abrasion
  • Excellent waterproof paint for floors, walls, water retaining structures and planter boxes impermeable to water and allows water vapour to escape but remains
  • Can be applied onto surfaces in contact with drinking water and damp concrete surfaces
  • Contains no chlorine and salts that cause corrosion and efflorescence
  • Resistant to frost and thawing salts
  • Non-polluting of drinking water
  • Meets BS 6920:90 and SS 375:94 requirements
  • Meet local Green Mark Standards

Self Adhesive Membrane 

Bitumen/asphalt compound modified with SBS and high tack resins
This special compound has been formulated to make the product easy to install. The membrane can be adjusted should it initially be placed in the wrong position, as the adhesive on the sheet achieves final adhesion only after a few minutes.

Protective film
This is hot-laminated to the bituminous/asphalt compound and gives the membrane its mechanical and physical characteristics, such as heat stability, shape, chemical resistance, etc.

Features & Benefits

Cold Application: installed without the use of open flames. Ideal for installation in restricted spaces.
Chemical resistance: the protective polymer film is highly resistant to acids, alkalis and other pollutants.
Flexibility and adaptability: this membrane will adapt easily to irregularly shaped surfaces, and will stretch up to 9% without breaking or cracking.
Self sealing: the membrane self seals on contact maintaining its water tightness.
Constant thickness: the membrane is manufactured using high-tech machinery which constantly monitors its thickness, and ensures that the films and synthetic materials are manufactured to the highest specifications and quality control requirements.

High bi-axial strength cross-laminated polyethylene reinforcement film

  • Self-adhesive
  • Can be cold-applied
  • Underside protected by a silicone-coated release paper
  • Meets Singapore SS 374:94 standards

Traffic Bearing Membrane  

Traffic bearing waterproofing membranes are generally three or four coat urethane systems which can be provided in a range of basic colors. Traffic bearing waterproofing membranes allow for minor movement in cracks and various types of joints. Traffic bearing waterproofing membranes are durable, waterproof and attractive.

It consists of an elastomeric waterproofing membrane and protective wearing course/topcoat. Depending on the end use, it varies from foot traffic (mechanical rooms, balconies, etc.) to heavy-duty vehicular traffic in applications such as commercial parking garages.

A fluid-applied waterproof membrane system that is designed to stop water from migrating through horizontal surfaces in order to prevent damage to occupied spaces and to equipment or vehicles located below. Another primary function is to prevent contamination and / or deterioration of the substrate onto which the membrane is to be applied.

Typical applications for this type of waterproof membrane would be:

  • Parking Garage Decks
  • Balconies
  • Sidewalks & Entrances
  • Plaza Decks
  • Pool Decks
  • Mechanical Equipment Rooms
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Food Service Areas
  • Warehouses
  • Auto Service Areas
  • Stadiums & Sport Centers
  • Concrete Roof Decks
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Service Areas

Traffic bearing waterproofing membranes can be comprised of a single type of material, such as a polyurethane or epoxy, or a combination of materials depending on the particular use. We offer many different types of systems and can customize a system to meet a specific need.


  • Low odor with minimum disruption to condominium living
  • Long pot life (working time) for ease of application
  • Capable of bridging post application cracks up to 1.6 mm
  • Retains its strength and integrity; does not harden with age
  • Accommodates minor movements of the concrete floor
  • Not sensitive to humidity during installation

PVC Membrane

PVC membrane is superior high-quality PVC waterproofing membrane for roofs and decks. It is suitable for both exposed and concealed roof waterproofing applications. Produced under strictly controlled conditions,therefpreis uniform in thickness and quality which give this membrane its excellent performance record.

Strong, tough, light-weight, allows light to medium foot traffic and it exhibits excellent weather-ability, resistance to ageing and microorganisms. Nuraplan V is 100% compatible with bitumen. The backed polyester fleece act as a separation layer between the membrane and bitumen or bituminous material / substrate.

  • They are homogeneous, soft, flexible with an extremely high percentage of high  polymer solids.
  • They are also available in a light coloured smooth surface which does not retain dirt and promotes heat reflection.
  • Offer excellent thermal and mechanical properties due to high strength combined.

With substantial elongation…

  • They are resistant to damaging radiation without protective coating. Suitable for use under wear layers (walkways, driveways and roof gardens).
  • They are tested to external fire loads or resistance to sparks and radiant heat (hard roof). The fire load is five times lower than that of built-up felt roof.
  • They are resistant to general chemical environmental impact.
  • They are resistant to root / rhizome penetration according to FLL testing and can be applied on green roofs without any additional root protection layer.
  • They are compatible with bitumen and can be directly applied on all standard bituminous layers and insulation materials including rigid polystyrene foam boards, depending on the approved roof build-up (hard roof).
  • They have an extremely low vapour diffusion resistance, allowing moisture to escape from the roof build-up all over the whole membrane surface.
  • Providing optimum waterproofing solutions for each roof shape and application method.
  • They are suitable for all application methods and flat roof configurations (with polyester fleece or glass/polyester fleece backing or with self-adhesive coating on underside).
  • They are easy and quick to install by homogeneous hot air or solvent welding in the overlap area.
  • They can be recycled.
  • Durable, safe, reliable and economical for new build and refurbishment

HDPE Blind-Side Waterproofing Membrane

It is a high-performance HDPE Blind-Side waterproofing membrane designed for applications where the waterproofing must be laid prior to pouring of the concrete. It allows for fully-bonded waterproofing membrane to be applied to the positive-side of the building structure even where the said surface is inaccessible to application personnel.

It is highly resistant to hydrostatic pressure, ground settlement and soil chemicals. It is also fully mechanically bonded, making it non water-tracking in the unlikely event of damage to the membrane, providing longterm watertight integrity even in the most demanding of applications.

It is easy to install, and has a pressure-sensitive self-adhesive which allows for watertight sealing of overlapping sheets. It also allows the membrane to be cold-applied and easily installated in restricted and confined spaces.

It provides an effective waterproofing membrane for foundations, tunnels and basements.


Waterproofing Membrane

Installation Procedures

It should be adhered with the film side to the substrate. On vertical surfaces, the membrane is to be mechanically fastened to the top of the structure first before applying subsequent layers. Overlaps should be staggered in order to prevent a bulge forming, and all succeeding layers must be clean and dry before application in order to ensure a strong, watertight bond.

The substrate should be mechanically sound and not move during the pour. The substrate should also be smooth with no gaps or voids. Any penetrations should be grouted in order to ensure stability. Before the pour, ensure that all plastic release liners are removed. Ensure that no sharp objects are used to consolidate the concrete in order to prevent damage to the membrane.

Technical Specification



Substrate basement and wall slabs in any underground structure with limited working space.


  • Excellent adherence to poured concrete
  • Non water-tracking
  • High resistance to hydrostatic pressure
  • High resistance to tears and punctures
  • Strong mechanical bond
  • Permanently bonds to structural concrete
  • No membrane protection required
  • Resistant to soil chemicals
  • Conforms to LTA Standards

Application Instructions

1. Prepare Substrate

• Substrates must be sound and solid to eliminate movement during the concrete pour.

• Substrates must be regular and smooth with no gaps or voids greater than 12 mm (0.5 in.).

• Substrates must be free of loose aggregate and sharp protrusions. (Picture 1)

• Surface does not need to be dry, but standing water must be removed.

• Applications may require the use of Hydroduct Drainage Composite or plywood to provide a suitable substrate over the soil retention system.

2. Horizontal Application

• Apply Preprufe membrane with the HDPE film side facing the prepared substrate and the treated white coating surface facing the concrete to be poured. (Picture 2)

• Overlap succeeding sheets by a minimum of 75 mm (3 in.).

• Remove release liner. (Picture 3)

• Roll side lap. (Picture 4)

• Overlap ends of membrane a minimum of 75 mm (3 in.).

• Center Preprufe Tape over end laps and roll firmly. (Picture 5)

• For vertical and horizontal applications in cool temperatures or damp conditions, gently warm side laps or use Preprufe Tape LT

3. Vertical Application

• Apply Preprufe membrane in a convenient length with HDPE film side facing the prepared substrate.

• Fasten to substrate along the top edge with large head nails, roofing nails or staples. Top termination should be secured with termination bar and fasteners. (Picture 6)

• For lengths greater than 2.4 m (8 ft), additional fastening at 0.6 m (2 ft) intervals along the uncoated edge prior to making the side lap is recommended.

• Roll side lap.

• Overlap ends of membrane a minimum of 75 mm (3 in.).

• Center Preprufe Tape over end laps and roll firmly. If top termination is to be covered with concrete, a strip of tape should also be centered over the termination bar.

• Remove release liner.

4. Complete Details

• Protrusions and penetration should be tightly “picture framed” with the Preprufe membrane.

• If the membrane is not within 12 mm (0.5 in) of the penetration, use Preprufe Tape to bridge the gap.

• Tieback heads should be covered with a box to provide smooth and stable substrate.

• All membrane repairs should be made with Preprufe Tape. Be sure to wipe surface of membrane to be repaired to remove any site dust or dirt.

5. Visual Work Inspection

• Inspect the membrane for damage before placing or reinforcing steel, fromwork and concrete.

• Repair slices and small punctures which are less than 13 mm (0.5 in.) by applying Preprufe Tape over the damages area and roll firmly.

• Repair holes and punctures greater than 13 mm (0.5 in.) by applying a patch of Preprufe membrane to extend 150 mm (6 in.) beyong the damaged area. Seal the terminations of the patch with Preprufe Tape.

• Ensure plastic release liner is removed from all areas of Preprufe membrane and tape.

6. Concrete Placement

• Cast concrete within 56 days (42 days in hot climates) of application of the membrane

• Concrete must be placed carefully to avoid damage to the membrane.

• For shotcrete placement, contact your local Grace sales representative.

General Works

We provide painting/repainting services as a value-added service to our waterproofing business. We have been doing painting works for commercial projects and expands our reach to residential projects.


Painting/repainting works to refurbish your home. Depending on size of dwelling, please call to enquire about the price.

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